Where Paul Goes Next

These are the best photos I've taken in just some of the countries i've visited around the world.
  • Well, the love of my life wanted to go, and it’s always eaten me up inside that when I was in this country the first time around this photography thing wasn’t even a thought in my mind. So it seems as though I really didn’t have a choice and was headed back for my second trip to Peru! This time around I was going to experience the best culinary treats Lima had to offer, and I did! Incredible! After all, it’s considered to be the food capital of South America. I was going to see another part of the country that I hadn’t the first time, Lake Titicaca. It was beautiful: blue skies, floating islands, and a UNESCO world heritage site made it feel enchanting. I’d really see the Sacred Valley, and understand why it’s simply called that. This is by far, my favorite part of the country and it really is something spiritual. It feels untouched; the way of life is preserved, and the natural beauty is some of the most incredible I’ve seen anywhere in the world. Oh, but damn you, tourism! As I made my way to Aguas Calientes and Machu Picchu, part of the trip changed for me, and didn’t feel, well special at all. I should’ve known when all I heard was English on the train ride there. Still, I had the memory of magic when I first laid eyes on this place! However, this time it was disappointing and frustrating. Eight years can make a world of difference and in my opinion. This place is ruined. What a shame. It was still spectacular, but human nature and curiosity have destroyed what was once sacred. Oh well. To quote my father, “They say you can never go back…” (not really sure what that means). Still, Peru is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with some of the most friendly, warm, and tranquil people anywhere. It’s extremely tourist friendly (probably too much so, as I pointed out) and is a fantastic way to perhaps start in South America. I’m glad I went back to capture some of this. 

  • Lake Titicaca

    Lake Titicaca